Codethink’s Head of Semiconductor Sales, utilising my nineteen years of experience working in Solutions Development, Software Consultant, Project Leader and Architect. My role is currently is Leading Codethink’s business direction in the semiconductor industry with the development of technical solutions that will feed into the various industries semiconductors feeds, such as Automotive.

Manchester has one of the largest tech industries outside of London. Being based right in the heart of Manchester are part of this thriving technology scene. Codethink is one of the best companies in the world companies in the world at FOSS and Linux.

If have you any requirements or ideas that a software engineering consultancy like Codethink could help with, it would be great if you could contact me (contact details below) to discuss them further.

As a Software Consultant, I am proven in the most demanding project situations, including in-depth mobile multimedia experience and telephony. Full project software lifecycle experience from design, development, implementation and testing.

My main area of expertise areas: Embedded Software Development, Mobile Applications, Multimedia frameworks, Graphics and Device Driver development. During the nineteen years, I have worked on a range of complex embedded, applications and UI projects for mobile platforms including Linux, Windows, Symbian, iPhone, Android and J2ME.

Companies include Codethink Ltd, Mobica Limited, Altran Technologies (Symbian and Sendo/Motorola), 2ergo, Informed Solutions.

Away from work, you will find me spending time with my wife and daughters, on a windy beach kitesurfing, or out on my bike heading up a mountain.